Falls EP

by The Valley Ends

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released July 29, 2014

Falls EP was written, performed, produced and recorded by:
Blake Drenth and Tim D’Agostino

Mixing and Mastering by Blake Drenth

Lyrics and story written by Tim D’Agostino

Artwork by Sean Hughes

Packaging Design by James Macrae



all rights reserved


The Valley Ends Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne based alternative rock band

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Track Name: Endo
I’ll lead through the rocks and reeds,
keep a keen eye on you,
watching how your body moves.
Distant relatives,
they came to me.
But every word they spoke,
there’s something askew.

Just as we lay,
we fall with you.
When they call,
I fall down with you.
I tried to say it,
it’s complicated,
don’t fall, don’t fall.

Caught by a landslide,
flash floods in my mind,
feel the ends come together,
what is all, now is for ever.
Track Name: Lindblom
Do we leave?
Do we stay?

There’s no time to talk,
lift those feet off the ground,
move with persistence and stay close to me.
Intangible streams, they’ll guide us out of here,
into safety, but the matters contrived,
feeling exposed, out here in the clear cut fields.

Falling out, tripping in,
stumble to your feet again,
I’ve been searching for answers,
they’ve been looking to put me down deep.
Falling out, tripping in, always,
how everything changes.
We searched for solid ground,
I hear that haunting sound.

When everything we love is dying right in front of us to see.

Do we leave? Do we stay?
Do we fight? Do we let it all slip away?
[and transcend through endless doors]
When every things gone, when everything fades,
you won’t feel it slipping away.

I lay calm in waiting,
I can see destruction in his hands.
[They call you out]
Can’t you hear them calling?
Can’t you see destruction in his hands…

When every things gone, when everything fades,
nobody is watching you slip away.
Track Name: Transoceanic
Fear is fine, it’s finite.
Fell down picking up my heart.
Precipitation forms inside of you,
It flows now deep within your heart.
As I lay on the forest floor,
The canopy begins to blur.

Come clean, come clean,
To the scent of the sediment.
Let it consume you,
Let it mend to your veins.
The sound is so sweet,
The waves will flood my lungs.
Alleviate and dissipate.
Let fragments sway,
Where they may.

She spoke in tongues unknown,
The deer, she tried her best to revive me.
She never stood a chance,
The foxes claimed the best of me.
As one enters,
The fauna will sing;

Come clean, come clean,
To the scent of the sediment.
Let it consume you,
Let it mend to your veins.
The sound is so sweet,
The waves will flood my lungs.
Alleviate and dissipate.
Let fragments sway…

Somebody close that door, she said “sway, won’t you sway?”
Come clean,
Once you fall down,
Once you lay upon the forest floor.
Track Name: IV
In my dreams I’ll find you there,
I’ll always find you there.

chasing me past graves,
I’ll stop to stare at who’s inside…
Are those my eyes? No matter how I try,
that part of me has died, for good.

In my dreams you’ll haunt me.
Track Name: Clarity
We move as the river starts to rise,
contours concave to fractured lines.
What’s created is something far more daunting,
than you can imagine.

Clear eyed,
dismantled by your lies.
I’ve heard them time and time and I thought you would realise,
but it’s clear to me that you’ve been asleep.
Why don’t you tell me what you’ve built?
Why don’t you try to explain how we’ll survive.
You’ve heard this time and time and you’re still yet to realise.
I’ve never found a thought so clear,
I guess that’s what you feared.
I broke the boundary, now I see so I’m never coming back.

Who are you?
I don’t know you.
I want the world to forget you.
And if you don’t leave by tonight,
the wolves will have you in their sights.

Burn it all, there’s nothing to do,
there’s nothing that you can re-do now.
Burn it down, there’s nothing to prove,
you’ve nothing to prove.
You had it all, you had it all,
now it’s fled and the void has taken it’s stead now.
Track Name: Avolition
Feed the corruption and the greed,
I think they like it when we're on our knees.
Oh, don't let them in, they're only blowing smoke,
while truistic histories are collected and destroyed.

Tease these paradigms with your mind,
a detox is appropriated, when filaments are torn and tainted.
I can now be, in an altered state.
No longer drowning, falling, descending.
Time will tell, what words prevail.
So start writing.
Who are you waiting for?

Burn them all, ravage seas, pillage mountain peaks,
and all we'll do is fall into apathy.

I fear they they like it when we are diseased,
forcing medicated sleep, when we're on our...
I fear they like it when we are in need,
with no means to eat, when we're on our hands and...
I fear they like it, we're conditioned how to think,
when we pay just to pray, when we are all sheep.
I fear they like when we're too scared to speak,
a constant fear of defeat, when we're on our...
I think they like it, how we all feed the corruption and the greed.
Track Name: Aphelion
Two distant earths that drift apart though,
through time can come back and then realign.
Through telescopes we’ll map the past,
to conclude we’re all one.

A mass of light, envelopes you.
Endless endeavours,
fragmented tethers,
full of wonder,
I still wonder

Poor little girl.
With your head in the sand,
and your feet in the canopy.
You’re brought in this world,
to consume or deflect all the shit that they throw at you.
I know I was your anchor,
but darling I’ve sunk too low.

A mass of light envelopes you,
A mass of light surrounding you.

Two distant earths that drift apart though,
through time can come back and then realign.